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Viktoria and Richard Mullin

"Viktoria & Husband" sells Viktoria A. Mullin's pictures and services.
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Well, now a bit about me.
My name is Viktoria Mullin and I’m Art Photographer;
I photograph and make pictures about anything that can bring joy, happiness, and mere pleasure into our hearts and homes.
The base of any of my creative art images is my own photography.
You can also see photos of Awards and achievements, or reed just List of awards and acheivements.

I photograph all of the objects and subjects using my knowledge, skills, experience and very good photography equipment.
Sometimes critics call me a photo manipulator. Of course I do photo manipulations for graphic design, custom unique projects
and greeting cards, or art photography wall pictures and posters. But, I'm 200% Photographer at the very first.
I'm just able to make something else with my photos, because I'm artist.

Since my childhood, I've been drawing, painting, crafting and doing many interesting things in an artistic way.
I can't tell you certainly what came first to me in my early childhood: the ability to hold in the right way a table spoon or a pencil to draw.
I think both. I got my first film camera a bit latter then the first pencil, in 1984 when I was already 21.
So, my photography career has begun since then.

Graduated Kiev National University of Arts and Cultures in Ukraine, I improved my knowledge and skills already here in the USA. I went to Middlesex Community College, Broadcast Communications. Besides dreaming about a new career as a script writer and studding in Scriptwriting class, I also took Photography, Media Aesthetics class, Graphic Design, DGA (Digital Graphic Arts), and Two Dimension classes.
I did both well: the writing and photography. Writing and creating pictures has been always my passion.
In soon, I understood that I need to make a right choice, what I really want and will be happy doing for the rest of my life.
So, I decided, that Mister Walt Disney can wait for me for a little while, or until my English becomes perfect.
Thus, a couple years later I established myself as an Art Photographer.
Today I have a little home studio and framing shop, so that I do the whole picture making process myself.
I'm fine art photographer, designer, editor, printer and framer of my own pictures.
I produce work aimed much more at the higher end of the market.

Why I do everything myself?
I love the whole picture making process. I know it so much that would never trust my images to anybody else.
Second, this way I can guarantee the high end quality of the work finished from the beginning to the end by one artist.
It makes your chosen picture unique and ultimately authentic. Only you and I are involved in this process to get the best picture for you.
Besides, it shortens the way you get your photographs right on your walls and gifts for your loved ones right into their hands and hearts.

In my mixed media pictures and design I use taken by ME photographs or parts of them and my hand drawing.
I draw with my
WACOM Intuos 4 professional pen tablet.
It is still a pen and I still use my talent and hands to draw, but everything I draw goes and shows up straight on my monitor screen.
I put all things together working in v
arious photo editing software.
That's it? so simple, no, not at all! :))
I think there is still something very important to tell about myself.
I'm a lucky woman: I work much and hard, but I do what I love, and I share my thorny paths of artistic life, career and business with my husband.
My husband Richard Mullin supports my success, creativity, business and inspiration. He is the technical and financial director of our little company.
He is the first audience I demonstrate my new artwork to; my sincere critic, reliable partner and loving friend.

Richard has been a very good amateur photographer for many years in his youth, so he understands my passion very well.
I think he’s had so much photography experience and knowledge, that now he can rely the direct photography routine process on me.
On the other hand, I can always Google my husband about anything I need to understand or esquire.
He is my technical guide in this fast pacing photography world. Also, his amazing ability to find the right things by the best prices helps us a lot!

Rich is always ready to improve and develop my tools. Many smart and useful things of my workshop have been made by his hands.
Sometimes I say that my husband is captured by four "W": Work, Wife, Woodworking, and Welding.
Being a very skillful man, he spends a lot of time in his own workshop. He has the same passion to create as his wife.

Love is sharing, so we do share our life, interests and creativity. Wherever we are or go, whatever we do, we are together.
As those two sweet cherries on our logo, we are united by love and passion to create.
So, when the time had come to call our company, we called it as it is: Viktoria & Husband.

Welcome!New PicturesLandscapesStill LifeFlowers/ Plants, and GardensArtistic portraitCustom design projectsGreeting cardsAnimalsOSVAbout Photos of shows, my workshop ServicesContactold Archive