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Custom portrait photography
Prints and matting/framing
Framed samples
Cards and custom projects
Graphic design

I make and sell pictures: from photography art to unique custom-made picture projects,Viktoria Mullin: Thanks for your interest to my Art & Framing work!
as artistic portrait ,
framed wall art for a particular interior, and 
greeting cards and greeting projects on commission.
I make images just like U like and for Ur needs based on my own pre/pro/postproduction.

Having my own framing shop and little home studio, I do the whole picture making process myself.
I'm a fine art photographer, designer, editor, printer and framer of my own pictures. I produce work aimed much more at the higher end of the market. 
Why I do everything myself? First at all, I love the whole process and know it so much that will never trust my images to anybody else.
Second, this is the best way I can guarantee the high end quality for you, my customer. Only you and I are involve in this process to get the best pictures for you.
And, by the way, it shortens the way you get your photograph right on your walls, and the gift for your loved ones right into their hands and hearts.
In my mixed media pictures and design I use my photographs or parts of them and my hand drawing.
I draw with my
WACOM Intuos 4 professional pen tablet. It is still a pen and I still use my talent and hands to draw, but everything I draw goes and shows up straight on my monitor screen. 
I put them all things together working in programs as Adobe Photoshop, In Design, and Illustrator.
You may pick any of my no custom-made
photographs purchasing as prints, matted prints, and mated/framed wall art pieses.
Computer screens vary, so colors on your monitor may differ from the printed item.
If you are not sure how the colorsof a real print may look and you would like to see the print quality of the image you'd like to purchase,
you may order a note card or set of cards as a sample of desirable picture/pictures.
Ones you have seen the quality of my work you will have no fear to order something in larger formats.

About paper, quality and prices of my cards click on
Cards and custom projects page.

You can purchase my images as note or greeting card/cards/set of cards as well.
If you want to make the chosen picture more unique with a personal touch to convey your sentiments, let me know what kind of greeting or sentiments
you want me to put on it. 

I order to make your greeting card even more personal, I make greeting cards for comissions, using photos of you taken by me, or with any your favorite shots from your family or friends' albums as well. Tell me
the story of those whom you want to greet/make a gift, send me a photo(s) of that event or person/people/your favorite pet, or your photos made by me, and I’ll put your story on an exclusively made for you picture using your photos/or mine with an  extra design
You and I will unite your
story, sentiments and my design in a greeting picture In other words, you will draw your own greeting card/gift with my artistic skills and tools.

By the way, I never post custom-made unique pictures without customers' permission.
I keep in mind not everybody likes to pose for internet.
Also, some of my customers do not want to share unique ideas of the pictures I make for them exclusively.
The project is made only for them and paid by them. They pay for that something that “nobody else has”. They wouldn’t like to see something similar anywhere over the world. So, the will and desire of my costumers is number one for me.

When the design is done and approved by you, I will print, mat and frame the artwork in my workshop. 
You can order it to print as a wall art picture (matted or matted-framed), a greeting card or a set of cards.
Please keep in mind that the final print size depends on the size of the original photo/photos used in the design. The bigger is resolution of originals, the more possibilities you have for further prints. 
Placing an order, also keep in mind that I make unique
handmade card folders and albums for your commissioned pictures.
It is a kind of unique custom project services and priced separately, see the
Cards and custom projects page for detailed info. 

"Viktoria & Husband" sells Viktoria A. Mullin's pictures and services.
For your convenience, we accept cash, check, or money order.

Welcome!New PicturesLandscapesStill LifeFlowers/ Plants, and GardensArtistic portraitCustom design projectsGreeting cardsAnimalsOSVAbout Photos of shows, my workshop ServicesContactold Archive