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Custom portrait photography

Session types and investments 

Session type information and prices do not include final orders and prints.
Print and matting/framing prices and services are on this page.

During your pre-session consultation, we will discuss in details the exact style you want and hand pick the best location to showcase you and your family.

I carry with me all of the necessities: props and special lighting equipment, backdrops, stands for each indoor/outdoor session to be ready do get more various and interesting shots in a professional quality way.
Travel Fee:
There is a travel fee for locations that takes place more than 15 miles outside of Cromwell, CT. $1 per mile, round trip will be assessed for areas from 16 up to 150 miles outside of Cromwell, CT.
Areas more than 150 miles will be charged on an individual basis.

Mini Session $50.00  
1 subject, 1hr, and 10 proofs; at any location: my home studio, client’s home, or outdoors.
Regular session $120.00
1-3 subjects, 2-2.5 hrs, and 20 proofs, (add $25.00 for each extra ten if you want more proofs (20 proofs - $100.00; 30-$125.00; 40-$150.00 and etc.); at any location: my home studio, client’s home, or outdoors.
Senior Session $200.00
up to 3 hrs/3-5 outfits, 25 proofs; at any locations: my home studio, client’s home, or outdoors.
Newborn or Baby Session $300.00 
at client’s home or other appropriate and desirable location.
May include parents, both, or mother/father, and other children, up to 5 subjects;
25 proofs, add $25.00 for each extra ten if you want more proofs; may take up to 4-4.5 hrs.

Photographing babies, and newborns especially, is not an easy deal. They require a lot of patience and also require the greatest investment in props.
There are hats, blankets, faux flooring, flowers, faux walls, a backdrop stands, various backdrops, several baskets, special lighting equipment, and the list goes on. Many things require hand washing every time I approach to the baby for a next set up or a new pose.
Many hours go into preparing for the session, doing the session, and cleaning/washing up after the session (babies are unpredictable in many points:))
But after all, when I see the photographs we got with the baby, I become so truly happy and satisfied, that I prefer to be around your baby for longer time for capturing each good or funny moment: when baby is asleep, awake, eats, smiles, and does many other wonderful things which make babies babies and will never be the same in a few seconds later.

Family Session $350.00
up to 7 subjects, 2-2.5 hrs, 25 proofs; add extra $25.00 per each more than 7 subject, and 5 more proofs per each more subject, if the subject will have extra poses alone, or with some of family members.  
The different charges are based on the amount of time and efforts that I will spent photographing each extra subject and editing. It can take me over 12 hours just to edit a family session prepering proofs. For a mini session there is one subject and 10 proofs. The editing still may take several hours, but is small and easy in comparison to photographing a family.
We all know how difficult it can be to get a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old togeter on one right spot :) and then with the whole family at once, plus a favorite pet to cooperate for a shot at the same time. Finaly we get nice shots of all of you and...
you may say looking at the proofs: “I love the look of my face or my husband’s, but the dog's tail is just on the worth space over my hair…,” or something else not perfectly looking or not on it's place in the picture. That can bring down all of our time and efforts to get the right shot. Editing family session is not just removing an unwanted tail of your pet from the shot you would love to choose if, neither is only cleaning up and making smoother and healthier clients’ happy faces. Sure, all this detailed editing takes a LOT of my time. With each additional person included in an image…. more people… more work… more time….but greater cost! As I say, many years later people will remember you by the way I did my work.

I enhance and enrich the good looking of you; emphasize your best points, or eliminate at all something you wouldn't like to show up. Be sure, I always take into my consideration which points exactly YOU think are your best ones and which ones you may tell me to eliminate or to hide. For example, one of my customers had left her hair band over her wrist before the session and forgot about. When she saw her hands on proof pictures, she became pretty upset about. So, I made her happy cleaning up the band from her wrist on every photo she choose to buy. 

Minor corrections and improvements/enchantments are already included to the session types and investments.

In additional price
I may correct your smile, shape off your nose and/or years, and eyes, make your teeth look not only whiter, but even fix them on the picture by your desire. I fix wrong or missing  teeth as a professioanal "art photo dentist". Also I can make you looking slimmer on the photo or, just the opposite, improve some of the parts of your body if you desire it so. I can make your eyes more open, bigger, lips more fullful, remove scars or moles, diminish double chin (if needed), change color and/or style of your hair, replace and exchange features and many other wonderful changes. 

Remember? I make images just like you like and for your needs based on my own pre/pro/postproduction. 

All of the changes and corrections I make are very neat, subtle, and unobtrusive for a viewer. Nobody notes that there are any changes in your pictures. After my editing you will never have such a "plastic" looking face, as I can see some editors or photographers do making customers faces "smoother and healthier." Subjects and the whole your picture will be looking more natural, fresher and artistic at the same time.

One more important point and the main reason why you don’t see on my website samples of my editing skills like, for instant, someone’s face or picture “before” and “after” my editing: it is only because only YOU and I know that there was something different “before,” and no one else. I keep our little secrets :)). I know that I do well my job and you know you can trust me, what can be more important?

You will have a great memory for you, your children, and grandchildren and further on. Many years later they will see you on the photos and remember you the way I did my work.

Welcome!New PicturesLandscapesStill LifeFlowers/ Plants, and GardensArtistic portraitCustom design projectsGreeting cardsAnimalsOSVAbout Photos of shows, my workshop ServicesContactold Archive